About us

Welcome to Kandy Kloud, where your adventure with Freeze Dried Candy begins! Ready to elevate your sweet tooth experience? Dive into the extraordinary world of Candy Cloud. Our freeze dried candy isn't just a treat; it's an explosion of flavors, crunch, and textures unparalleled in the snack universe.

At Kandy Kloud, our mission extends beyond offering the finest freeze dried candy. We invite you to join us as enthusiasts in a journey through our website, brimming with vibrant artwork, imaginative lore, and a whimsical dive into the essence of Kandy Kloud. Get ready to explore our collection and immerse yourself in the whimsy of our Kandy Kloud universe!

Dan T

I'm Dan T, the tech wizard behind this delightful e-commerce candy store. With a lifelong passion for technology and creativity, I've dedicated my skills to creating a seamless and engaging online shopping experience. At Candy.Cloud, we blend the world of sweets with cutting-edge technology, offering a wide array of candies from around the globe, easy navigation, and a visually appealing platform. My mission is to not just sell treats, but to build a community of candy enthusiasts who appreciate the role of technology in enhancing their candy journey. Join us at Candy.Cloud, where every click is a step closer to discovering your perfect sweet treat!


Sarah S

Meet Sarah, affectionately known as "Momma S," a beacon of warmth and guidance in our community. With a nurturing spirit and a heart as generous as her smile, Sarah has become a beloved figure, known for her wisdom, kindness, and the uncanny ability to make everyone feel at home. Her passion for helping others, coupled with her endless energy, has earned her the endearing nickname "Momma S." Whether she's organizing community events, offering a listening ear, or sharing her famous homemade recipes, Sarah's presence brings a sense of comfort and unity, making her an invaluable part of our lives

Sheryl B

Sales and Distribution